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What does "frosh" mean?

The term "frosh" is short for freshmen/freshman and the one term can be used for both plural and singular cases. Freshmen are first year students. May be used interchangeably with "freshies", "froshers", etc.

Why should I come to EngO?

Here are the top 5 reasons:

5. Free Swag. We provide lunch and dinner for two days, shirts, lanyards, and MORE — absolutely free to you. Also, if you want to be extra-prepared for collaborating on your assignments (and those ENG1430 group projects) you should take a minute to sign up for free accounts on DropBox and Copy. Everyone at university uses these cloud storage services to work on files; and by using these links you will start off with even more free space! (you can thank us later)

4. Make new friends. Starting university is intimidating for most (if not all) of us. It’s such a big change from high school. All the frosh attending EngO are in the same boat as you. You are all direct entry students to the faculty of engineering. You all have proven that you are the best and the brightest from your high schools. This is your chance to meet each other before classes start!

3. EngO is unique! EngO is different than the regular University 1 Orientation because it is only for direct entry engineering students. These students will meet their fellow peers that they will be with for their entire student career at the U of M. EngO is geared towards engineering students, with events occuring throughout the day to encourage creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box, all common skills an engineer must have. Additionally, EngO strives to be the best at introducing new students to the faculty and the university as a whole, as it is specifically designed to encourage meeting fellow first year engineering students and being able to ask questions to older engineering students. New students will also be able to see and explore the various engineering buildings and classrooms, where they will be spending most of their time at the university.

2. We know what you need to know. Everyone on the EngO team has gone through exactly what you are and will be going through. The EngO team is made up of students at different points in their degrees, ranging from 2nd years all the way up to 7th years—yes, seven—each with different experiences. We can answer your questions, share our stories, and give you tips because we’ve all been there.

1. It’s fun! We believe in “Work hard. Play hard.” Engineering can be stressful, but in the end, we love what we do and we have fun doing it. We try to make EngO fun for everybody. We are going to try to pass on information as efficiently as possible in a simple and straight-forward manner. The last thing we want to do is bore you with endless PowerPoint presentations (that’s what classes are for!). The main goal of EngO is to make your transition from high school to our faculty less intimidating by welcoming you into our community.

When and where is EngO?

A full schedule is avalible on our events page. We will meet in the mornings in E2-229 (or atrium) both days.

Who will I meet during Engo?

Only the coolest kids in your neighborhood! We rounded up some great people from our faculty to be your frosh leaders. Everyone that has been accepted via direct entry from high school is invited to EngO. Along with meeting your fellow classmates, you will meet the Dean of Engineering, some of the engineering staff, some professors, and a bunch of your fellow upperclassmen.

EngO Safety and Alcohol Policy

Safety: During our recruitment process, we made sure to recruit at least a handful of leaders with up-to-date certification in first aid. We also assure that no form of hazing is employed at EngO.

Alcohol Policy: We understand that a good percentage of our attendees are under the age of 18. All of our frosh leaders have been carefully interviewed for their suitability to the program and have been briefed on our alcohol policy. All of us on the EngO team have agreed to exercise responsible drinking and inform the frosh of our policy. Alcohol is available for purchase at evening events only and proper ID must be shown. Anyone who we feel has consumed too much alcohol and/or is compromising our fun and safe social environment will be escorted off the premises. We make our best efforts to encourage the frosh to make responsible decisions. In turn, we ask all EngO participants and parents/guardians/friends of EngO participants to do their part in preventing impaired driving accidents by ensuring frosh have a safe ride home after they have been brought back to campus.

Wait! I still have questions :(

Since your question wasn't frequent enough to be on here, we have prepared a frosh handbook that you can download at your convenience. You could also check the website footer for our contact info and contact us that way. You can also keep up-to-date on all engineering happenings from the UMES homepage or by following UMES on twitter.


  • Frosh handbook [pdf]
  • EITC-E2 map [pdf]
  • Questions [link]