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What is EngO

Every September before classes, the University of Manitoba Engineering Society (UMES) hosts its Engineering Orientation (EngO) for the sole purpose of helping direct-entry freshmen make a smooth transition from high school to the Faculty of Engineering.

EngO is planned out and run by your fellow engineering students, so we all know what you are and will be going through in your first year. Almost everyone you will interact with during the two days of EngO plays a role in the faculty (students, professors, advisers, etc.). We will be able to answer your questions and, more importantly, you will be able to make important connections that will serve you throughout your time in the faculty and beyond.

Important Notes

  • When you arrive on the first day of EngO you will join your respective team. Team names will range from Greek letters to inane TV characters
  • Your teams will compete against each other in a scavenger hunt, collecting points until one team is named the Champion Greeks of EngO
  • There are over 80 volunteers (all engineering students) involved in EngO this year. 33 pairs of these volunteers will act as your frosh leaders. Each pair will lead one team and will be "mentors" to the members of that team throughout the school year.  You can see each of their profiles in the group tab right now.
  • All the events and meals at EngO are free of cost for all participants. EngO is paid for by the University of Manitoba Engineering Endowment Fund, corporate sponsors and UMES. The one exception is alcoholic beverages available for purchase at our evening events (must show ID).
  • This website is mobile friendly: Take it with you during EngO to help guide you when ever you get lost or injured.
  • Remember to bring your ID
  •   Apply to be a member of UMES council here