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How to University (Academic Tips &Tricks)

Presenter: Emily Kiely-Smith
Room: E2-150

This workshop highlights some important things to keep in mind as you navigate your first year of classes in engineering. Topics include labs to final exams to voluntary withdrawals.

Tech Tips

Presenter: Rhianna Holter-Ferguson
Room: E2-160

This workshop will cover how you can use technology to help you during your transition to university. From group projects, to labs, and assignments there will be a lot going on and you want to be prepared. *This workshop will run twice from 1:30pm-2:13pm


Presenter: TBD
Room: E2-160

The University of Manitoba Student Chapter or SAE International (UMSAE) is a non-profit student organization made up of 5 design teams, each of which designs a unique vehicle. The Micro Aero, Aero Design, Baja, Formula Electric and Formula teams each provide engineering students with unique and exciting fast paced and hands on experience, allowing them to develop, design, manufacturing and team building skills amongst many others!

University of Manitoba Engineering Society (UMES)

Presenter: Hunter Loewen
Room: E2-105

UMES works to serve the best interests of all engineering students by organizing social, sporting, and networking events. UMES also undertakes numerous other initiatives including fundraising events which support local and national charities. Attend this workshop to learn more about UMES and how to get involved as a frosh intern! You will learn how to work effectively as a team, organize large events, create connections, and make new friends.

“Mini” Pick Your Poison

Presenter: Calene Treichel & Amy Martin
Room: E2-110

The Pick Your Poison workshop is designed to give you an introduction to the engineering departments offered at the University of Manitoba. You’ll get a brief description of the departments, including potential future careers with each degree. This is a mini version of our event hosted in the winter semester to help you start thinking about which department to choose!

Academic Integrity & Groupwork

Presenter: Susie Ally
Room: E2-130

This interactive presentation by Student Advocacy covers the UM’s basic expectations surrounding academic integrity. It includes tips for making the most of groupwork and avoiding unintentional misconduct.

Co-op Program and HIRED Events - Gain Valuable Work Experience and Connect with Employers

Presenter: Lynda Peto
Room: E2-125

Want to make the most of your Engineering Degree? Apply to the Engineering Co- op program and gain valuable related work experience before you graduate! Increase your confidence and get support from our staff in developing a powerful engineering resume, preparing for interviews and learning how to conduct a successful job search. Come learn about the Co-op program and why students are joining. Also hear about the HIRED events (hosted on Mondays throughout the fall and winter terms) and which employers are coming to meet you this fall.