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Kristine Agravante

Year: 3
Department: Electrical

My name is Kristine Joy Benitez Agravante, and I am a third year Electrical Engineering Student. I graduated from Miles Macdonell Collegiate Institute in 2015. I enjoy volunteering and helping when I get the chance to, no matter what the task is in most cases.


Anetta Los

Year: 3
Department: Civil

Hydraulic fluid is red,
Blueprints are blue,
Engineering is hard,
It will destroy you.

I have won rap battles. Try me.

*But also, I'm super excited to meet all of you, engineering is awesome!*


frosh in theta:

Brody W.

Jasper C.

Joshua M.

Kate A.

Katherine H.

Nicolas P.

Noah D.

Nykola S.

Samuel L.