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Jessie Robertson

Year: 4
Department: Biosystems

Hi! My name is Jessie and just in case you were wondering, it stands for: Just Extra Sassy Sista In Engineering. I’m a fourth year Biosystems student and I can’t wait to meet you all!


Gabrielle Labossiere

Year: 4
Department: Mechanical

Hello new friends!
I’m just your typical fourth year mechanical engineering gal, swimming (drowning) my way through life. I laugh a lot to compensate for the fact that no one else laughs at my jokes.
Anyways, I hope this made you laugh, not cry but either way I laughed so we’re covered.Hope to see you all soon :)


frosh in eta:

Ghassan A.

Han W.

Itay N.

Jared R.

Joesph M.

Kalena C.

Leennel Alfred H.

Nahom K.