Engo homepage welcome

Nick Loughren

Year: 2
Department: Undeclared

Hey guys, I'm Nick. I'm excited to be one of your buddy leaders for EngO this year. Some things I like to do when I'm not studying for Calc 2 include: Doing homework, studying for courses that aren't Calc 2, dreaming of dropping out of Calc 2 etc. I can't wait to meet you guys at EngO in September.


Kate Alexander

Year: 2
Department: Undeclared

Hey kids!
I’m Kate, aka Qwait, aka Danger.
of my interests include almost failing first year English, Hub nights,
pretending to like rap music, and making fun of arts kids.
that the only interesting thing about me is being from #trashcona so
prepare yourselves for all the repetitive jokes and references.


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