Engo homepage welcome

Taylor Opperman

Year: 3
Department: Mechanical

What’s up cheese bags? I’m super active, happy and outgoing. My hobbies include: wallowing in self-
pity, staring into the abyss, solving world hunger (then telling no one), eating at restaurants alone,
wrestling with my self-loathing, avoiding eye contact, winning fake arguments, and staring at the ceiling
before bed. See you at ENGO, stay fresh!


Olga Markov

Year: 3
Department: Mechanical

Hi, my name is Olga and I am currently in my third year of mechanical engineering. I enjoy
getting involved in different activities and events throughout the university, and I am currently
a team member on the UMSAE Formula team. I hope you have a great summer, I am excited to
be your EngO buddy leader in the fall!


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