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Quinn Desrochers

Year: 2
Department: Civil

I am a direct entry direct entry engineering student going on my second year into civil engineering. I hope to specialize into environmental engineering by the end of my degree. Currently I run cross-country and track with the Bisons. I enjoy long bike rides and lighting up the dance floor.


Kim Laberinto

Year: 4
Department: Electrical

I'm Kim, a fourth year Electrical Engineering student! Ever since I started, I have been involved with many of the various extra-curricular opportunities in Engineering. If any new students want more info about our Student Council or about Technical Societies where anyone can help design and build cars, tractors, satellites, and dune buggies, I can tell you all about it!


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Andre C.

Evan O.

Garrett L.

Hazel Gileine G.

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Riley S.

Riley Z.