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Katy Hawthorne

Year: 2
Department: Biosystems

Hey there, I’m super pumped to be your Buddy Leader! My passions include plants, camping, and composting, and I am an aspiring hippie and environmentally sustainable human. In my spare time you can find me teaching kids about STEM, reading lots of books, and trying to catch up on sleep. See you at Eng-O!


Jasper Caners

Year: 2
Department: Undeclared

Hey all, I’m Jasper, and I’ll be you’re buddy leader for this years
Eng-O event! One interesting thing about me is that I love downhill
skiing, specifically in the mountains! It’s an experience like no other,
especially compared to around here! My other
interests are playing indie video games and I spent a couple years
working with a local performance hall on the sound and lighting systems.
Anyways, I’m super excited to meet all of you, and I can’t wait to see
everyone at Eng-O!


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