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Trina Semenchuk

Year: 4
Department: Biosystems

Hey everyone, I’m going into my fourth year of biosystems engineering with hopes of becoming a petroleum engineer! I spent the summer in Nunavut and what I learned is that renewable energy is a hoax and it's way too late to “save the world”. If you want to make it in this faculty be like Heath, he’s the most awesome person I know!


Heath Chalmers

Year: 4
Department: Mechanical

I'm going into my fourth year of mechanical engineering and am a member of the UMSATS rocket team. In my free time I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, coaching football or trying to catch up on ten years worth of Marvel movies. There's nothing I hate more than when people get my name wrong so as long as you don't call me Keith *cringe* I'm sure we'll get along just fine.


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