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Will Scofield

Year: 3
Department: Biosystems

If it weren't for my rich, frothing reservoir of memes, I would be a minimally tolerable buddy leader. Alas, you may find in me a trustworthy friend, colleague, and confidant.


Renmar Khim Palma

Year: 2
Department: Undeclared

Renmar Khim Palma is now in his 2nd year of mechanical engineering as a result of him hating English classes. He is very disappointed on how the season finale of Game of Thrones have ended. Other than that, he likes to sleep, eat, play ultimate frisbee, nap, play videogames – then the cycle repeats. He will be part of UMES Merch this coming school year and he hopes to be helpful towards his frosh this upcoming school year!


frosh in kappa:

Ethan A.

Evelyn S.

James W.

Jessica C.

Kfir K.

Lindsay M.

Lydia G.

Roman O.