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Katherine Gledson

Year: 3
Department: Electrical

My name is Katherine and I’m a third year electrical engineering
student. I love being involved in my faculty and making cool things. I
designed the PCB and wire harness for UMATT’s (University of Manitoba
Association of Tiny Tractors) 2019 tractor, which
went out to competition in early June
. I’m also member of the engineering student council (UMES) under
their academic advocacy directorship. I love to meet new people and
answer any questions so please come up and say hi!


Jack Osiowy

Year: 3
Department: Electrical

 My name is Jack and I’m a third year electrical engineering student. I enjoy being in engineering at U of M immensely. I am involved with the engineering student council (UMES) in the Grad Directorship, as well as the Society of Automotive Engineers team (UMSAE) where I help build an electric race car every year! I’m excited to be back at school for another year, and even more excited to meet you guys. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!


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